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Complimentary Design Service Terms & Conditions

1. The attached underfloor heating system design and materials list (the “design”) has been produced for you by [Polypipe Limited] (“us”, “we”, “our”) free of charge. We reserve all rights in this design and it is a condition of us providing this design to you that you accept the following terms and conditions – if you do not accept these terms and conditions then you are not authorised by us to use this design which should be returned to us immediately.

2. Whilst we have used reasonable skill and care in producing this design save as otherwise provided for below, we do not accept any liability to you (and/or to any of your end customers) for any reliance which you may place on this design and/or for any errors or omissions in this design.

3. We do not supply any of the materials listed in this design direct and should you decide to purchase any of those materials then you must do so from one of our approved merchants (details of which are available at www.polypipe.com/building-products/plumbing-heating). As such, this design will not form part of your contract with that merchant nor shall we have any liability or responsibility to you under any such contract.

4. We do not seek to limit or exclude our liability to you for death or personal injury caused by our negligence; for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; and/or for any other forms of liability for which we cannot lawfully limit or exclude our liability to you for. Where you are acting in your capacity as a consumer we also do not seek to exclude any statutory rights which you may be entitled to as a consumer which we are not permitted to lawfully exclude or limit our liability in respect of.

5. We do not seek to impose any financial limit on our liability as described in paragraph 4 above. In the event that we incur any other liability to you which is not excluded in its entirety under these terms and conditions then our maximum aggregate financial liability to you will be limited to £100 (one hundred pounds).

6. We have produced this design relying on information and designs provided to us by you (and/or on your behalf) prior to the date of us providing this design to you. We have assumed that all such information is complete and accurate and we have not taken any steps to verify the accuracy of that information. If there is any change to such information after the date of this design (such as changes to room dimensions) then that may render this design inaccurate or unsuitable and we shall not be liable to you for that. If any such changes do occur then please contact us so that we can provide you with a revised design.

7. Even if any information provided to us by you (and/or on your behalf) states otherwise, this design has been produced on the basis of the following assumptions and we shall not be liable to you should it transpire that any such assumptions are incorrect:

(a) we have assumed that the building in which the underfloor heating system will be installed is/will be insulated to at least the minimum standard as required under current Building Regulation requirements; unless we have been provided with Building U values upon which

(b) any heat loss calculations have been calculated in accordance with BS EN 12831

(c) we have assumed that the overall floor resistance value of any floor coverings used in the building where the underfloor heating system will be installed will not exceed 1.5 Tog (as floor coverings in excess of 1.5 Tog may adversely affect system performance);

(d) we have assumed that where the underfloor heating system will be installed in a bathroom a heated towel rail will also be installed in that bathroom to compliment that system;

(e) we have made provision in any materials list for average/reasonable materials wastage/damage to occur during the installation process but have assumed that there will be no excessive amount of wastage/damage;

(f) we have assumed that the system will be correctly installed by a fully qualified and experienced engineer and in accordance with our technical installation guide (available at www.polypipe.com/building-products/plumbing-heating); and

(g) we have assumed that all other heating and electrical equipment which may be used in conjunction with the underfloor heating system/which that system may be connected to its compatible for use with that system and meets any requirements as detailed in our technical installation guide (available at www.polypipe.com/building-products/plumbing-heating).

8. Each provision of these terms and conditions shall be read separately and if any provision is found to be unlawful or unenforceable that shall not impact any of the other provisions which shall remain in full force and effect.

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